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Ph: +92.321.4255252

VFM automatic filling and stoppering machines are designed for injectable solutions in vials.

Depending on the product type and customers’ request, these machines can be integrated with various filling systems. The machine can be installed as a stand alone unit or integrated with upstream and downstream equipment.

Technology: Sterile & Nonsterile Filling
Industry: Pharma & Healthcare
Segment: Injectables

Operating mode: Intermittent or Continuous

  • Packaging Closing: rubber stopper, alu cap, other caps
  • Packaging Shape: round
  • Packaging Type: vials 

Max filling volume (ml): 500

Operating Noise Level (dB): 75

Feeding system: Rotary table or in-line connection

Max air pressure (bar): 8

Value proposition: Flexibility


Vial Filling Machine (VFM)

VFM available in Pakistan


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