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Ph: +92.321.4255252

The DT laminar flow depyrogenation tunnels are specially designed for the inline sterilization of the glass pharmaceutical containers. The standard machines are composed of three main chambers: pre-heating, sterilizing, and cooling.

Containers are gently moved through the chambers by a stainless steel horizontal mesh conveyor belt with two synchronized side guide belts to minimize friction.

Technology: Sterile & Nonsterile Filling
Industry: Pharma & Healthcare
Segment: Injectables

Operating mode: Continuous

  • Packaging Type: ampoules, bottles, cartridges, vials

Operating Noise Level (dB): 75

Operating temperature (°C): 360

Max air pressure (bar): 8

Value proposition: Performance


Depyrogenation Tunnel

Depyrogenation Tunnel for glass containers available in Pakistan


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