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Ph: +92.321.4255252

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Pharma Machinery

Your Trusted Partner in Pharma Industry Solutions:

Business Tacts International (BTI), the leading indenting house and engineering services provider committed to revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. With a strong presence in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Congo, BTI is dedicated to delivering comprehensive 360-degree solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

About Business Tacts International:

Business Tacts International (BTI) takes pride in its role as a global indenting house and engineering services provider. Our mission is to introduce industries to the latest technologies and services, ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Services:

At BTI, we offer a wide range of services designed to enhance efficiency and compliance:

  1. Pharmaceutical Machinery and Lab Equipment: We provide a diverse selection of pharmaceutical machinery and laboratory equipment, all ISO certified and compliant with GMP standards.
  2. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT): Before delivery, all products undergo rigorous FAT to ensure optimal performance and quality assurance.
  3. Installation and After-Sales Support: Our commitment extends beyond delivery. We provide seamless installation services and comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Our Happy Clients:

We are proud to have partnered with esteemed clients including:

  • Nabiqasim Industries
  • Hilton Pharma
  • Sami Pharmaceuticals
  • Brookes Pharmaceuticals
  • Getz Pharma
  • Searle

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