Ongoing Turnkey Project at Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mr. Fahad (C.E.O of BTI) Examine the Contruction Area at Congo
(Mr. Fahad Javed (C.E.O of B.T.I) Examining the Contruction Area at Congo)

Ongoing International Project at Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
This project involves the construction of a new medicine production facilities at Kinshasa in Congo. 

The pharmaceutical industry continuously encounters challenges to discover, produce, and manufacture products to improve the overall health and well-being of the public. Each step in this progression is governed and scrutinized by agencies and regulatory requirements that will ultimately provide or deny product approval and dispensation. Accordingly, pharmaceutical facilities must be constructed with care and precision at the outset of the project. During our many years of experience, our staff have gained an intimate understanding of the laws and regulations that accompany the construction of pharmaceutical facilities and environments in today’s life sciences industry. Our professionals provide services on programs and projects that involve clean rooms; laboratories; secondary manufacturing, packaging, and launch facilities; biological areas; etc. at a level of detail that corresponds to achieving owner-stated visions and goals by precise coordination of project schedules and tasks. We leave no project detail unattended when working with owners and stakeholders who are vested in providing these sensitive and complex environments.

Construction work started on May, 2022 and is expected to be completed in mid of 2024.

Our scope of work:
  • Plant Design based on WHO & GMP
  • MEP & HVAC
  • Supervision of installation & execution of machinery
  • Training to Congo Team
The main aim is to innovative medicines on a massive scale that produce medicines simultaneously at Kinshasa in Congo, pushing the boundaries of operations through cutting-edge manufacturing and digital technologies.

The project involves the construction of a complete manufacturing IV bottles with a production capacity of 20 Million IV Bottles per annum at Kinshasa, Congo.