Ultrasonic Ampoule Washing Machine


Ultrasonic Washing Machine

With a vertical rotary drum structure, the machine adopts mechanical hands to clamp and turn bottles, whilst the spray tube carries out the reciprocating tracking process. Taking advantage of the ultrasonic washing and water & gas alternating jetting washing, the whole automatic production process includes bottle feeding, ultrasonic washing, external washing, internal washing and bottle discharging. The overall transfer process simulates the gear external engagement principle. The machine has features such as low bottles' breakage rate, good adaptability and stable running while there is no cross contamination of water and gas pipes, so the machine fully meets the GMP requirements.

·         The two-section mesh belt structure is adopted for bottle feeding to ensure that the bottles have sufficient thrust in water and no bottle shortage will occur at the screw.

·         The buffer device is set at the screw bottle feeding place to ensure no bottle breakage at the bottle feeding place and the wear of screw. The screw is made of innoxiously and pollution-free polyformaldehyde. The central shaft is made of stainless steel for further reinforcement in order to ensure no deformation of the screw.

·         It is provided with a device that prevents the needle holder from shaking to enhance the accuracy of the spray needle's insertion into the bottle and reduce the occurrence of needle breakage.

·         The extended rod of the mechanical hand and the large disc are provided with the oil leakage prevention structure to ensure that the lubrication oil will not pollute the water tank.