Tunnel Dryer Machine (For Ampoules & Vials)


Tunnel Dryer

With an integral tunnel structure, the machine includes three parts: the preheating area, high temperature sterilizing area and cooling area. It adopts the hot air laminar flow disinfection principle to carry out instant high temperature sterilization of the vessel. It is suitable for drying and sterilization of ampoules, antibiotic bottles, oral liquid bottles and other medicinal glass bottles. The machine adopts the advanced PLC man-machine interface control system. Through the man-machine interface control, the operating status of the machine is monitored and the requirements for production processes are met, while the combined control of the operating status for both the cleaning and filling equipment's can also be realized to display the fault causes, locations, simple eliminating methods, and etc. In addition, temperature and curves can be recorded automatically.

·         It is provided with the power-off prevention self-heating device at the high temperature section, so there is no hidden risk of fire.

·         Process parameters relating to heating and running are preset.

·         The status of the parameters is displayed and records are printed automatically.

·         The circulation airflow is adjustable to ensure even temperature in the oven.

·         Temperature measuring points are set in the oven and at the oven ports.

·         It is provided with high efficiency filter DOP inspection ports.

·         The whole machine is designed in according with the GMP requirements.