Transfer Cabinet


Transfer Cabinet

The aseptic transfer cabinet is used for biological dirt removal treatment on the exterior surface of materials, so as to prevent materials from entering class A/B key regions from no-class regions/low-class clean regions. Taking advantage of hydrogen peroxide in the gas state at normal temperature having better ability to kill microorganisms than that in the liquid state, the saturated hydrogen peroxide vapor forms slight cold condensation coating on the material surface that releases free hydroxyl groups, which is used to attack microbial cell components including lipids, proteins and DNA so as to meet the requirements of complete inactivation of microorganisms. The machine can be used for various clean and dry objects that need to be transmitted during aseptic production, for example, external packaging of packing materials, instruments, vessels, packing of raw and auxiliary materials, fittings, environmental monitoring equipment, and etc.

The aseptic transfer cabinet adopts VHP as the biological decontaminating agent, which can effectively kill fungal and bacterial propagules and spores, viruses, mycoplasma and other microbes. VHP sterilization is a decontaminating process at low temperature and normal pressure, featured by good material compatibility, broad spectrum, high efficiency and environment-friendly.

The SIEMENS PLC automatically controls each operating phase of the aseptic transfer cabinet. Through the simple operation interface, circulation parameters can be set and obtained. The system runs precisely, stably and reliably.

A double-door structure is adopted for feeding and discharging. It is provided with functions of pneumatic sealing, pneumatic locking and double-door interlocking under the work status.

In a whole circulation cycle, materials are always under the 100-grade (grade A) environment to prevent materials from being polluted. The clean environment in the cabinet also prevents the grade A/B clean area from being polluted after the cabinet door is opened.

The aseptic transfer cabinet is provided with the cart type material support and the guide rail system inside, which make material feeding and discharging to be more convenient. The system carries out real-time monitoring of the temperature, humidity and pressure in the cabinet, provided with friendly man-machine interaction function. The optional inspection ports for VHP concentration, dust particles and airborne microbes would make operation more convenient.

It is provided with the built-in VHP generation system. The circulation loop technology optimizes the sterilizing time. The sterilization process can be displayed by diagrams, and the online display of key parameters is carried out in real time. The data for each circulation cycle is saved, so that the data records can be traced while the output of data parameters and diagrams can be obtained.

It has the independent ventilation residue removing unit, which includes the fan, valve and exhaust pipe, which can quickly displace VHP gas inside the cabinet and prevent it from entering the HVAC system. The residues of VHP gas will not exceed the level required in the occupational health and safety management system while the concentration of residual VHP≤1ppm.