Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine


Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

The machine is mainly used for filling and sealing ampoules in pharmaceutical plants in aseptic conditions.

The machine adopts the stepping type conveying system in the arrangement of 8, 10, 12, 16 work stations with a balcony structure to send bottles with 8, 10, 12, 16 ones in a group to each process. Procedures of separation, bottle conveying, front nitrogen charging, medicine filling, rear nitrogen charging, preheating, wire drawing, sealing, and so on are completed automatically. The machine is suitable for filling and sealing of ampoule injection in aseptic conditions.

The previous three-section sector block structure is changed into the integral pulling wheel structure. The auger is connected with the integral pulling wheel. The connection of the integral pushing wheel with the small travel beam is more stable and there is almost no broken bottle, so that the defect that the old-fashioned sector block structure is hard to adjust and easy to loosen and dislocate is solved.

In the transmission part, the previous chain driving is changed into the synchronous toothed belt driving, featured by more stable transmission and lower noise.

The bottle moving distance and the interval between bottles are reduced. The length of the travel beam is almost 1/2 of the previous length. With good rigidity, the travel beam moves more stably.

For the moving and guiding structure of the travel beam, the sliding sleeve type is changed into the rolling guide rail type to enable the travel beam to move more flexibly while its rigidity is also improved.

The filling work station is designed with the special bottle positioning device, which realizes simpler and more accurate bottle positioning, and makes the insertion of the filling needle into the bottle mouth with higher stability.

The heating device is provided with the convenient height adjustment device, which makes height adjustment simpler when replacing specifications.

In the new type bottle turning mechanism, the previous taper gear driving is changed into the synchronous toothed gear driving, which provides simpler driving and avoids the occurrence of easy wear and easy slippage in the previous taper gear structure.

The new type split wire drawing box structure is featured by beautiful appearance, simpler and faster installation and commissioning.

Through the new type bottle leaning beam adjustment mode, just turn the knob when replacing specifications, without the need to carry out tedious alignment work.

The pin positioning structure is adopted for replacement of specifications. No adjustment is needed when replacing specifications. The parts that need frequent disassembly are all designed as the quick disassembly type, so as to greatly enhance the disassembly speed and save time.

The machine frame adopts the integral welding type to achieve better rigidity and better machine stability. There are few objects on the plate, so that cleaning and maintenance are facilitated.

The machine is under a closed laminar flow system, which has better laminar flow effect. All structures are designed with an aim to achieve the best laminar flow effect.

It is provided with the automatic control device for bottle feeding. In case of bottle jamming, the washing machine will be automatically instructed to pause bottle feeding, and in case of bottle shortage, auger bottle feeding will be automatically cut off.

The standard configuration for the filling system of the machine is glass metering pump. According to different user requirements, it can be equipped with the metal metering pump, peristaltic pump or ceramic pump. The standard machine adopts the cam control filling. Manual adjustment of a single pump and gang adjustment can be carried out.

The luxurious model machine adopts the servo control filling with high filling precision. Gang adjustment and individual adjustment can be carried out quickly, conveniently and precisely on the touch screen. The parameters after adjustment can be saved for future use. (Various groups of parameters can be saved.) It is suitable for users who frequently change the filling volume.