Tablet Counting Machine


High-Speed Electronic Tablet Counting Machine


The double gate design and the pre-counting function can save time on bottle switching. The machine can therefore count accurately and is suitable for round tablets, capsules, transparent soft capsules, and irregular-shaped pills.

High speed. Those configured with 26 channels can count 20-60 bottles per min, whilst the others which has 32 channels can reach speed of 60-120 bottles per min.

The machine would also automatically alarm when the bottle supply is in shortage or bottle blocked or fallen down, whilst the alarm will pause the running machine. After the problems ar solved, the machine can return back to normal status. That is, the machine doesn’t need people to manually monitor.

Designed with 3-stages constant-pressure dust absorption mechanism, which completely removes the dust which occurred when tablets drop. This will effectively avoid the influence of dust on counting precision.