Blister Packing Machine (For ALU-PVC & ALU-ALU Blisters)


Blister Packing Machine


-Adopts top brand PLC controller with touch screen displayed in Chinese and English, Frequency inverter for speed control, servo traction, which can ensure the length of blister traction adjustable within the range.
-With thermal temperature control and test, main machine over loading protect, PVC and PTP packing material position test, feeder material position test, failure automatic debug and alarm, automatic protection and stop running.
-The machine station module type design of level frame, good sight, safe and convenient operation.
-Thermal with contact type, positive press formed, air cushion thermal seal upper and lower net, photo register make your product package better.
-PVC exchange support with bigger type material support, whole roller, which makes the equipment more practicability.
-The special design of moulds in rectangle shape, ladder type fixing, provide much convenience and ease to moulds replacement. All material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel and aluminum metal, slap-up surface treatment craft.
-Discharging finished product in right order, automatic collection of bad products, auto rewinding of strap material to ensure easy collection.
-Feeding efficiently, reliable and suitable for many kinds type arrange and irregular feeding, (according to actual product design fit feeder).
-The machine has been designed into separated body, which is easily move into lifts or workshops.