lotion, filling, plugging, capping

lotion, filling, plugging, capping

lotion, filling, plugging, capping

Business Tacts International have successfully installed and commissioned Lotion Filling Line at customer site on 2018.


Automatic Filling Plugging and Capping machine for the application of light liquid filling and plugging/capping for plastic or glass bottles. The machine is composed by a conveyor, SS316L volumetric piston pump, top-bottom filling nozzles, liquid buffer tank and bottle index wheel, plugging system and capping system.

Technical Parameters:

Kind of bottle

Various kinds of plastic/glass bottle

Bottle size*

Min. Ø 20mm   Max. Ø60mm

Kind of cap

Alternative Screw on cap, alum. ROPP cap

Cap size*

Ø 20~ Ø45mm

Filing nozzles



70bpm for 30ml

50bpm for 60ml

Alternative Filling volume*


Filling accuracy



220V 50/60Hz 1.2kw

Compress air require

20L/min, 4~6bar

Machine size mm

Length 3300, width 1100, height 1600

Machine weight: